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What are the biggest challenges facing your brands today?

The retail market is constantly changing and brands need to focus on INSPIRING, educating AND engaging shoppers through BRAND experiences and disruption.

We work with your brand teams to design and produce a complete retail marketing solution and manage the process from idea through to implEmentation.

Our clients benefit from our ability to design and produce a range of innovative retail solutions from simple counter units through to full category solutions with integrated technology and digital content.

Experience our fresh approach to creative idea generation.

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The KEY Players


Based in our global offices, our team is on hand to help you design and manage your project and work with you to achieve the best possible outcome within your budget and timing constraints.

Together we bring over 100 years of combined knowledge and experience across markets and sectors!

What our clients say about working with us -

“Just a big thank you to yourself and especially your team for pulling off this prototype in such a short period of time. I know it could not have been easy but that why we love Point – you guys just got the job done. We are extremely happy with the attention to detail and look forward to rolling this out” - Retail Services Manager

“As always, thanks for your support. As a supplier you are such a pleasure to work with, and it is a bonus that you are also just such great people! You make my job easy, and I know once the initial design is confirmed, I can just hand over to you to get the job done. We simply cannot present our brand and products as professionally as we do, without your help and vision. So please know your support is absolutely appreciated and we thank you for your hard work and attention to detail” - Product Marketing Manager

“A very big thank you to you. You and the team have earned our support. You have consistently provided us with great quality, speed and timeliness, and are always so obliging. As they say, when you are on a good thing, stick to it.  Just yesterday I proposed that PoINT be engaged in a new project to work on one of our high priority brands, in need of a more innovative solution to cut-through at shelf . No doubt we will be in touch in the new year to kickstart this…” - Marketing Manager



We love digital and can help you to develop exciting 3D content. Get in touch to receive some examples -


Our team can develop animated 3D graphics to suit your requirements whether it be for a screen in store, your website, a hologram, social media or mobile display requirements.

We can render out photo realistic digital images of your products or interiors that can be used to demonstrate future developments, for virtual trialing or for social media content.


We can create a VR experience for your brand that lets shoppers explore the world virtually within a dynamic environment that can be constantly updated.

Our offer also includes AR and we can create an interactive product level engagement that exists in store to highlight newness, drive education and create a sense of wow.


We can create an informative and visually engaging view or animation of your product or interior space that can replace the static imagery on your website or app.

Our programming seamlessly allows static images to be replaced with multiple images that can be used to allow the user to spin them around, try out features and explore benefits easily with the use of their finger or mouse.

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Our UK office is ready to help with requirements that you may have in Europe or the Middle East.

The team in Sydney are on hand for anything you may need in Asia, Australia and NZ.



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